The magic of the stars flowed through her….

For anyone interested in the Ireland-Egypt connection. Had some interesting insights while in a shaman trance state. May these ideas resonate with those who vibrate in a similar frequency.

I asked see ancestors, and Queen Scotia came through. I don’t like using the word “channeled”, I see energies as archetypes within the collective human consciousness, and if there is any connection through DNA, then one can remember for a brief moment, and embody it long enough to bring forth a message. So, a message from the energy of Queen Scotia:

She is…

Freydoon Rassouli: Portal of Love

There is a faraway valley with many stone cairns. They are tombs, and wombs. They are both. They are earthen paradoxes, incarnate. Birth, death, rebirth, all under one stone umbrella, a mystical metaphor.

The Valley is so sacred each breath feels intoxicating, entering deeply into my cells, penetrating me in a way I’ve forgotten. The air itself is thick with water, the waters held within the moss of the bog, 10,000 years old, water from a long ago Ice Age. It holds millennia of memories of this valley. …

When I first began my journey into the shamanic realms of the Celtic otherworld, I saw myself on a green hill, being burned alive at the stake for being a pagan priestess. A shaman woman. The last image I saw before the flames overtook me was a Churchman, smiling with satisfaction. As I died, my spirit floated up into a circle of 9 priestesses wearing silvery white gowns. A pitcher of moonlight was poured over me like a soothing balm, and they told me to meet Death and join them. …

Everyday, I create a ritual to connect to the elementals and Nature spirits for guidance. The other day, I met a lovely fairy. Her wings were irridescent, like blue snowflakes. She showed me how humans give off s vibration from their heart center that emanates outwards in the form of crystalline mandalas of energy, like a kaleidoscope.

The more loving, peaceful, and grateful the feelings in the heart, the more beautiful the crystalline energy they emanate. This is how nature spirits see us.

That day, I was admiring the way the recent rainfalls had made the lake overflow to form…

Image: Anthony Murphy Mythical Ireland

From an earthen temple in Ireland, I look out over the hills as if sailing through an undulating green ocean. Through the fog, I see traces of magic from a long gone past. The wanderess within says be silent, be still; simply be.

Trust yourself.

A Journey into Healing

This book was written, during times of shifting sands, with an important message. That through the overwhelm, the answer are within. That all current problems will be solved from within, from shifts in mindset, in consciousness, like deprogramming a virus on a hard driveive. The author offers a road map to shifts in consciousness, shifts in perception, walking the reader through the steps to deprogram ourselves from the mind programming that led us into the current unsustainable system. The book could be considered a roadmap to deprogram your consciousness.

Ultimately it is an empowerment guide. A…

Pythia, the High Priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, Oracle of Delphi. Image: Alamy Stock Photos.

Thomas Merton spoke of “Beingness” as a mystic’s profession.

The yin, the realm of yin, is a place of BEing. In the ancient ying/yang symbol, both opposites are equally important and complementary. Both are within us all, representing energies rather than gender. While masculine yang energy is acting and doing, feminine yin energy is being and receiving. The mantra of the feminine yin could be ‘ I amplify in stillness”.

Yin doesn’t DO, it laughs at the thought of control or planning an unplannable future. It surrenders, utterly, in a supple, but fierce knowing, to the divine. The power that…

Goddess Artio sleeping with a Bear by Alexandra Nereïev

The first time I ever laid eyes on the bay I recognized it. The part of me comprised of water leapt out of my skin, through my pores, to join the bay. Home! Those cells shouted and whooped with glee, diving to merge like happy fish. Two magnets coming together. Some ancient soul piece found freedom here, surfing currents and channels of memory. Wait! I was sucked in like a whirlpool, into a vortex. I couldn’t leap after them. Come back! I’m not ready! Give me an otter tail, or a whale fin.

I saved for a paddle board, instead.

Photo by Alfred Kenneally on Unsplash

When I met Gaia, I came by water, gliding on a boat driven by drumbeat. Beyond the veil I traveled, down a river of stars that lead inside the Earth to her lagoon. She was there, in the trunk of a weeping willow tree glowing with dewdrops, longing to be seen. I climb her great tree and rest in a curve in her branches, into the folds behind her leaves. She radiated something almost indescribable. Pure love.

She showed me the way that the flower petals unfold open to the sun is the same way that throats open to sing…

Celtic, Norse, and Germanic mythologies have a tradition of a Bear Goddess.

The Bear Goddess is curious to me, because she represents the woman shaman. She goes underneath the surface, builds a winter den, and falls asleep in the fertile dark. As in a shamanic death, she seeks hibernation in underworld darkness, deep into the universe inside, with only a subtle knowing that she will emerge.

Then, in spring, after her long sleep with the stars, wiping the crust of the dark moon from her eyes, she emerges into the clear light of knowing. …

Jennifer Tarnacki

Exploring the realm between neuroscience and spirituality

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