Everyday, I create a ritual to connect to the elementals and Nature spirits for guidance. The other day, I met a lovely fairy. Her wings were irridescent, like blue snowflakes. …

A Journey into Healing

This book was written, during times of shifting sands, with an important message. That through the overwhelm, the answer are within. That all current problems will be solved from within, from shifts in mindset, in consciousness, like deprogramming a virus on a hard driveive. The author…

Pythia, the High Priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, Oracle of Delphi. Image: Alamy Stock Photos.

Thomas Merton spoke of “Beingness” as a mystic’s profession.

The yin, the realm of yin, is a place of BEing. In the ancient ying/yang symbol, both opposites are equally important and complementary. Both are within us all, representing energies rather than gender. While masculine yang energy is acting and doing…

Jennifer Tarnacki

Exploring the realm between neuroscience and spirituality

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